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Fun post of the week, and this one may be a bit of a rant, but it’ll be okay in the end.

I am a huge music lover and find a lot of enjoy in discovering new music. I would say for someone that is 26, my taste ranges quite far, probably double my age. There are songs that I do not care for, and one such song is Carolina in my mind by James Taylor.

Never was a huge fan but did not mind listening to it on occasions. My parents raised me on music like that, so maybe when I found music I preferred more, the James Taylor’s of the world seemed less ideal.

Then came the time I worked with the Carolina Panthers, and the song was played after every home game. Literally after every home game! Win or lose, I stuck around because of my job, and I heard that song for six years, and it was multiple times during home games.

Eventually I grew to dread the song and it just annoyed me, like the Carolina cold did in the winter months it only further aggravated me. Made me want to head home as fast as I could.

I know James Taylor is a great artist, it fits the whole feeling of Carolina, it’s about Carolina, and there a ton of people that like it, but all that does not make me like the song.

To me, playing a song repeatedly makes it more aggravating. That’s just me.

If the song is not amazing, which it is not for me, then hearing it all the time only makes it worse.

I get it, Carolina in my mind, and it’s in Carolina, wow how cool, but not really. Let’s find something else that represents Carolina, let’s give more artists from here some music. Let’s ask the players their favorite music. There are plenty of ways to diversify the music while upholding a nice, family-friendly image.

I just never understood how something so expansive like music became so limited to a football team to where Carolina in my mind is playing constantly.

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