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Andre Dillard is Best-Mode at Camp

The Eagles' training camp has seen a positive surprise coming out of nowhere to salvage his career in the league. Andre Dillard, in his fourth season in Philadelphia, is said to be making huge strides in his game. While the Eagles don't really need any help with the offensive tackle position, as Jordan Mailata and Lane Johnson are two superstars, it's great to see that Dillard might have found his place in the NFL after three dreadful years to kick start his career.

He was drafted in 2019 to become Jason Peters' replacement whenever the veteran decided to retire, but the Eagles' original plan was totally different from what really happened. Not only did Peters play two more years, but Dillard was awful in his first year and was out for the entire 2020 season with a biceps injury. In 2021, he failed to show much progress; Jordan Mailata's unexpected development also hurt his chances of ever becoming a starter in Philadelphia.

While we should always take with a grain of salt whenever a player shows up in training camp with 'the best shape of his life', this is especially true in Mailata's case, as he has struggled to stop edge rushers who use power against him. Adding functional strength has been wonderful to his development and it looks like he can finally step up and become a competent player.

If he does so, at least the Eagles have a versatile backup for both tackle positions. They can also trade him and recoup a draft pick for him. Either way, it's good news for Philadelphia.