Andrew Thomas: The Ultimate Underrated Gem | #TogetherBlue

Andrew Thomas' NFL career begin with one of the worst rookie seasons for a top-10 pick in recent history. Playing as a left tackle in what was a totally underwhelming offensive line for the New York Giants, Thomas struggled to showcase his potential and was overmatched week in and week out. As a result, Daniel Jones still suffered a lot of sacks and was often unprotected by the front five.

Thomas improved massively in his second season. He was solid throughout the season and looked like he had the potential to do much more. With the guys around him getting better as well, such as the signing of Jon Feliciano to play center and drafting Evan Neal with a top 10-pick to play right tackle. Not only he's improving, but the pressure is off him as well.

Even some NFL Network analysts are pointing to Thomas as a player to massively improve. Here's Adam Schein on him:

The No. 4 overall pick from the 2020 draft began his career looking like a turnstile at a New York City subway station. In a rough rookie season, Thomas gave up 10 sacks and 57 pressures by Pro Football Focus’ count. But he bounced back in 2021, slashing those figures to two sacks and 18 pressures. And I believe he’s poised to take significant strides under this new Giants regime. Brian Daboll is a superb offensive mind who put together a really strong coaching staff. He’ll get the most out of the left tackle.

This will be the year where Andrew Thomas goes from a solid left tackle to an elite blindside protector, and the whole offense will benefit as a result. Book it - you don't want to miss.

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