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Another Chance at Salvation for this Chiefs WR?

The Chiefs have had quite a training camp as Andy Reid is looking for players that can be relied on in the season ahead. Unfortunately, one position that has been compromised for the Chiefs is the WR. Even though they have recruited replacements for "cheetah", Andy Reid is not entirely sure the new players can fully step into the new Miami Dolphin's" star's position.

The Chiefs decided to give Josh Gordon another chance as they resigned him for the 2022/2023 season. In his first game for the New England Patriots, he caught Tom Brady's 500th career Touchdown. Josh Gordon has been through hard times in the league. In the same season, he got his only ring; he was out due to mental health issues and a violation of NFL drug policy. Later, Gordon was waived by the Patriots and had a short stint at the Seattle Seahawks in 2020. In 2021, when he was finally reinstated from suspension, the Chiefs took the gamble and signed the vet.

Chiefs, after resigning Gordon, have seen him impress the Head Coach in the recent training camp. Gordon has been seen to be one of the players who is making an impression on Andy Reid. He's one of the few players with experience collecting passes from the MVP signal-caller. But, as one of the most elusive talents in the league, Josh Gordon hasn't had a chance to display his skill set fully. The chance he's looking to do so might be here as the race to become Patrick Mahomes' go-to target is an open competition. Andy Reid state that "Josh has attacked it." "The last few days here, he's had excellent days. Again, I appreciate his effort, and he's the senior citizen of that group. He's the older receiver in that mix and has had success in this league, and the way he approaches it is full throttle. He's going for it, and there is great competition, but for him to be in there doing what he is doing, I appreciate every snap he takes."