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Another WR signing for the Kansas City Chiefs! | #ChiefsKingdom

The Kansas City Chiefs have been active this offseason with the departures and arrivals of some big names. They've had several additions on the offensive ends and more significantly, at the Wide receiver's position. Skyy Moore is the new name at Kansas City Chiefs as he just signed a rookie contract with the Chiefs.

What are the Chiefs getting in Skyy Moore?

Skyy Moore is a second-round pick in the 2022 NFL draft who signed a contract worth just over $6.45 million in total value with a $1.87 million signing bonus and a $1.17 million salary-cap hit for the 2022 NFL season. Skyy Moore is a 21-year-old 5'9 feet tall player who doesn't offer size to the Chiefs, they have players doing that already, but he catches the ball exceptionally well and this is one of the essential things Skyy Moore brings to the table, he also can play as a Kick Returner and make plays for the Chiefs, a similar trait he shares with the recently departed Tyreek Hill.

Moore is yet to figure out his role in the team but he sure will be pivotal to the Chiefs next season. Skyy Moore will be playing with one of the best Quarter-Backs in the league and one thing we will see in him is his versatility and playmaking which will give the Chiefs a whole different look on offence. Skyy Moore might not be the best addition for the Chiefs but he provides a long-term term option to the Chiefs, he's young, aggressive and can be the difference-maker for the Chiefs heading into next season.

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