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Arizona Cardinals Schedule Breakdown | #RedSea

2022 already is off to a rough start for the Cardinals with Hopkins slated to miss the first six games of the season. This might not seem bad on the surface because of the lack of production from him in 2021, but lets be honest; he's a top WR in the league. Adding Hollywood might help some but not a lot. But with that being said lets move on to the list of games.

Cardinals have the 2nd hardest schedule on paper with a winning percentage of teams at .543. That is just behind the Rams that is at .567. And week in and week out it seems to be none stop.

I can easily see the Cards starting 0-6 with losses to Kansas City, Vegas, Rams, Panthers, Eagles, and Seahawks. Bring side, it does not get any easier.

First win of the season will come Monday Night Football when the Saints come to town. This Saints team will be very down and will be a sinking ship at this point in the season. Next win will come win you travel to #skol to take on the Vikings. Giving you two wins in a row! Win one more its a winning streak.... But not so fast. A sneaky good Seahawks team comes into town and will complete the sweep of the season.

After that you have games vs the 49ers, Chargers, and Pats all damn good teams. Give me three more losses for $1000 Alex.

Next win of the season will come in a four pack to finish out the season with wins over the Broncos, Bucs, Falcons, and 49ers at the road. All good wins, but its just giving a crappy car a car wash.

I have the Cardinals going 6-11 this season. After the season if not midway through the season, we will see a change at the quarterback. Kyler is not the answer in AZ and not worth any type of long term deal. Sorry #RedSea you suck again.