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Baker Mayfield to Seattle

It’s just another Mayfield Monday, I wish it was Sunday. Works better than anticipated, maybe The Bangels were onto something.

In all seriousness, a trade to Seattle for Baker Mayfield works.

There’s no question he beats out Drew Lock because Mayfield displayed that he could lead a team and perform as a decent quarterback.

DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett are a dangerous combo, and they are arguably the best pairing Mayfield would have in his career. Then the Seahawks received Noah Fant in the deal for Russell Wilson and a bundle of picks too. Fant is a premier tightend that carries a lot of potential with him as a redzone threat. The running back tandem of Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny are not better than Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, but when there are three receiving targets like that in Seattle, it’s a small sacrifice. With a solid defense like Seattle’s, it is not hard to imagine that Mayfield does better than he ever did in Cleveland.

Another factor is being sacked. While that stat can be placed on the quarterback for poor reads of defense, or lack of skill, the blame can more easily be placed on the offensive line. Mayfield was sacked 43 times that puts him fourth most in the league while Russell Wilson was sacked 33. Again, ability of a quarterback and ability of the offensive line come into play, but if Mayfield has a better OL, then it may push him to be better.

A trade package may take the No.9 pick Seattle got from the Wilson trade, maybe all those picks from that trade, or even less than that to get Mayfield.

Not an expert on trades, obviously but the No.9 overall is too much for Baker Mayfield, maybe the two second-round picks from Denver and an NFL ready player.