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Best Fantasy Options from the 2022 Vikings #SKOL

Every team has a chance to provide fantasy relevant players. So for this piece I'll be explaining all the best Vikings' players to roster, and why you should roster them. In the descriptions of the player I will tell you what league formats they fit for and which ones they don't. With that said, the best 2022 fantasy player on the Vikings is...

WR Justin Jefferson

You probably guessed it. It's JJettas, Justin Jefferson. We all saw what Cooper Kupp did last year in the Rams' offense, and now that offense is in Minnesota. Jefferson will be pumped targets as if life depends on it. Expect nothing short of 175 targets and around 125 catches for Jefferson this year. With his career YPC numbers that would be nearing a 1,900 yard season, likely a finish as the #1 player in all of fantasy, and a league winner in ALL formats.

RB Dalvin Cook

Another fairly obvious choice for #2, Cook has been a staple of the fantasy community for a few years now. He has been lining up as a WR in camp, so perhaps he will have a career high in targets. Volume is key in fantasy, so any creative way they can get Dalvin the ball in space is a win for your fantasy team. People are a bit lower on Dalvin this year than normal, as I got him at 10th overall in a draft just the other day. If you can get Dalvin at that value in redraft, smash it.

WR Adam Thielen

Every year people, I mean every single year I buy low on Adam Thielen, and it works EVERY YEAR! I manage to snatch him in the 6th-8th round on a yearly occasion, and has provided a top-12 fantasy option every time he is on the field. Health is really the only concern, so to see him ranked as the WR37 on ESPN just screams "mid-round steal." Thielen will likely work out of the slot in 11 personnel for the Vikings, much like Cooper Kupp did last year. I'm not expecting that season from Thielen, but top 12 in fantasy in not out of the picture. Get Thielen in your redraft and bestball leagues. He's the perfect guy for bestball as he'll have multiple multi-TD games, and he also doesn't hurt you in the games he misses. In redraft, if he manages to stay healthy all season, he could be the middle of the pack pick that turns into the reason you win your league.

QB Kirk Cousins

This one will be gross to some people because this is the most hated man in football.. Other than Deshaun Watson, but people have alternative motives for that. Cousins is a great late round pick in 12 team redrafts, and an even better mid-round pick in 2QB and superflex drafts. Six out of the last seven years Cousins has finished inside the top 13 of all fantasy QBs, and is coming off back-to-back years of being QB11. My favorite is to get him in bestball leagues, where I benefit from his 300/3 TD performances, but then don't get killed by the yearly 200/1 TD/1 INT game.

Others to Watch

The Vikings are fairly loaded at the skill positions, so there are a couple of other guys to keep an eye on. KJ Osborn had a mini breakout last year, so we'll see if he can turn the page in year three into an even bigger breakout. If Thielen battles injuries again this year, buy in big to Osborn. Another is TE Irv Smith. Smith is already battling injuries, but is expected to be ready to go for Week one. He is a matchup nightmare and could finish as a top 10 TE, assuming he can stay on the field. The last is RB Alex Mattison. This one is to a lesser extent, but he has proven time and time again to be the best handcuff in fantasy. If you own Dalvin Cook, or you don't, you should roster Alex Mattison. In games where Mattison played over 60% of the snaps he scored totals of 23.1, 26.3, 21.4, and 16 in PPR.

There you have it, all the Vikings that you may need to roster, and where you need to roster them. Hopefully the Vikings offense is elite this year, and can be the reason we all win our leagues!

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