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Best off-season move - Kalil Mack #boltup

The Los Angeles Chargers bolstered its’ defensive line with the addition of Kalil Mack in the offseason.

In 2021, the Chargers ranked 12th in the league for passing yards allowed with 3,761 while the Chicago Bears ranked third with 3,257. This stat does not solely account for Kalil Mack or represent his

contributions on the defensive side of the ball. The 58 sacks recorded by Chicago in 2021 compared to the 31 by Los Angeles do either.

But Mack is a defensive threat, and one Los Angeles needed that may close the gap. Now, those stats fluctuate between last season and this season, but it would be ridiculous to say if one took Kalil Mack and placed him on LA last season that the Chargers would not be far behind Chicago in those respective categories.

A team that made the playoffs with a solid offense and a solid quarterback in Justin Herbert, the defense held LA back as it failed to align with the showing on the other side.

Mack does not instantly make the Chargers Super Bowl Contenders, nor AFC Champions, but it pushes the team up.

More importantly, the Chargers did not surrender a lot to acquire Mack—a 2022 second-round pick that is 48 overall and a 2023 sixth round pick. In hindsight, these picks do not put LA over the hump immediately while Kalil Mack does.