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Brian Daboll's starking difference to Joe Judge

The start of Brian Daboll's era has been filled with positive vibes and the expectation that he's the right guy to make the most of Daniel Jones' talent. But it's obvious that his job has a lot more to it, especially as he took the job away from Joe Judge, the famous Bill Belichick-alike coach who never had his teams playing good football to deserve the recognition.

The way you treat your players is really important. Daboll is known for being a players-coach who's really demanding but a good friend at the same time, while Judge followed Belichick's principles of basically cussing anything that exists - except, of course, that he doesn't have the same six rings.

But the way that Daboll dealt with a training camp practice during the week shows the huge difference between the current head coach and the previous, as noted even by media members that are covering the Giants' camp:

"First, NFL players throwing punches at other NFL players wearing helmets and full pads is dumb. The only person who can possibly get hurt is the guy throwing the punch.

Second, the difference in the way Brian Daboll reacted vs. the way Joe Judge reacted to a big brawl a year ago — 10-15 minutes of 100-yard sprints accompanied by a loud, F-Bomb filled tirade, was striking.

Daboll clearly got his message across without making a scene, embarrassing anyone or wrecking a practice. Daboll treated men like men, and I’m sure his players noticed.""

Well, it's important to treat your players the way you'd want to be treated as a player. Credits to Daboll for acting like that. While it's impossible to know if he's going to turn out as a good head coach, he's off to a great start.