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Bring back All-Blue | #KeepPounding

Here is a little less serious post because a balance of work and fun keeps writing entertaining. With three a week, one should be fun, silly, nostalgic, or at least not a news approach to it.

While reporting on the Panthers and what happens is fun, the approach is to deliver it like a story and professionally, part of that being just the facts, or no-nonsensical approach.

That’s what journalism does to someone, at least most of the time, deliver it in a straightforward way.

But this is the fun post of the week, so let’s be loose and keep things casual.

Trying to stick on the lighter sight, no pun intended, the Carolina Panthers need to wear the blue uniform, blue pants combo for a color rush game.

While color rush games are on Thursday’s and if that remains true it’ll be against the Atlanta Falcons, the Panthers need to wear the blues.

That Carolina Blue, as it is affectionately called in Charlotte, is great and breaks away from the typical black and white.

Plus, in perhaps a different tie-in is a more common color when thinking about it for North Carolina. The Tar Heels, the Blue Devils, the Hornets are teal, so maybe that counts, but the point is it seems blue is the hue of choice for NC teams. Maybe a weird point, and surely not the biggest tie in, but it breaks the all-black look, and the all-white look is not the best combo in the world.

If the Panthers get the color rush game on that Thursday, the all-blue look against the Atlanta Falcons need to happen.

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