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Broncos focused on Improvement

The Denver Broncos' ongoing joint practices against the Los Angeles Rams have been an opportunity to prepare for the regular season. Head Coach Sean Payton reflected on Wednesday's practice, acknowledging that both teams handled the high number of snaps well. He also said that his focus would be on how the Broncos moved forward into Thursday's practice and making corrections.

The benefits of joint practices remain quite evident. Payton said that they offer a chance to get different looks, learn new plays, and give valuable practice snaps to players who are competing for roster spots. The snaps are invaluable and are like preseason games.

On the defensive side, Pat Surtain II is focused on preparing for the regular season. He said that the Rams challenged the Broncos' defense in a number of ways and that the team needs to focus on pre-snap communication, eyes, and leverage. Surtain believes that the joint practices will make the Broncos better and is looking forward to gaining important experience against Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, and the Rams' offense.

Overall, the joint practices have been a valuable opportunity for the Broncos to prepare for the regular season and improve as a team.


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