Browns QB Deshaun Watson maintains that he never assaulted anyone | #DawgPound

Watson hasn't spoke publicly since he was introduced has Browns quarterback back in March of 2022. Since that time, at least two more women have came out and said that DeShaun has assaulted them.

During a press conference on Tuesday after the Browns first mini camp, Watson reiterated that he has never touched anyone... However don't we remember what his lawyer said?

"Happy endings aren't illegal"

Now, I'm not rocket doctor by any means; but I am great at reading between the lines, and this tells me that there was some touching.

Now I do stand with Watson on this one, it seems too crazy that all these women are just now coming out. Why didn't you feel disrespected three years ago when this happens? Why didn't you say no to him? Why did you go into the hotel room with him? There are so many unanswered questions about this whole issue.

As I said on the Man Hour Show just the other day, and video of this would solve so many questions. TMZ needs to get to work now! We know that the Houston Texans provided a hotel room, we know what hotels have cameras (queue Ray Rice and Hunt video's), and we also know that over 24 women are now coming out about this.

What it comes down to is this. Its simple math at this point. If a video shows 1 of the 24 ladies touching Watson in a romantic way, holding hands, kissing, etc, all their stories are out the window. At that point you know what was about to go down.

But if I was DeShaun Watson, I have $230M heading my way. $23M at shit to me. Give each of them a million and tell them to shut up.

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