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Buffalo Bills: Will They Win the East Division?

Updated: Apr 20

Von Miller to the Bills puts them as the favorites to win the AFC East because this cleans up one of the few flaws Buffalo had with a lack of a fierce pass rusher.

The only thing that separated the Bills from the Super Bowl was the fact that overtime rules did not allow Buffalo a chance to answer.

While the Dolphins beefed up the offense with additions like Tyreek Hill, Chase Edmunds, and Raheem Mostert this does not address all the problems Miami had before. There is still no defensive threat for Miami and no one in the secondary that scares quarterbacks away from throwing to one side of the field.

The AFC East comes down to the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills, and in recent matchups Buffalo wins. Josh Allen is a dual threat quarterback, and arguably relied on too much in the offense than he should, but there is a solid group of receivers in Buffalo. The receiving core for Buffalo battled numerous injuries and COVID-19.

There is a possibility Buffalo loses Cole Beasley, but with the addition of Jamison Crowder, maybe it is not as big of a deal. The other new additions to Buffalo are O.J. Howard and Duke Johnson on offense. Plus, the rise of Dawson Knox in the latter stages of the season can help the Bills spread the ball around more. Devin Singletary also blossomed more as the season progressed, if he takes another step forward, he can be a solid running back for the Bills to use.

The offense is not going to woo fans as the players are not flashy, but Buffalo is full of solid players and coaching that put them in a good position to win the AFC East.