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Cam Newton gave Carolina more than it could ask for! | #KeepPounding

Disclaimer, this will be one of the few times I put myself in the story and tell a first-person account rather than my usual newsy approach in previous posts.

It was 2015 when I began my job at guest relations for the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium. The job is not as flashy as the title, I was one of the people in the stadium who checked your ticket, made sure things ran smoothly and wore a name tag to let people know I was there to assist. It was nothing special, but it allowed me to work for the Carolina Panthers and experience gameday differently. If anyone remembers 2015, then you know how special that year was, and how great it was for me to start that year.

This was the year the Panthers made it all the way to the Super Bowl and unfortunately lost to the Denver Broncos, should’ve dove on that ball Cam. But I do not want to focus on that instead, let me take you into the magic that was the season.

The first two home games, Houston, and New Orleans, blistering hot. We had people dropping like flies out in the heat, but those games were great. Absolute nail biters and Carolina prevailed as when it was all said and done it was 3-0. It was my first taste of regular season craziness as people did all sorts of foolishness, and a lot of people smoked. This being the first year Bank of America (BoA) outlawed smoking, most complaints and trouble stemmed from that.

Philadelphia came to town, and yes, the fans were as obnoxious and aggravating as their reputation said they’d be. I remember the rain and the cold; it was almost fitting seeing as how the Eagles fans represented that demeanor more than any other fanbase that year looking back now.

The Indianapolis OT win hyped the whole stadium up and I remember it was a late Monday game. The whole stadium was rocking the entire overtime period, and once Carolina won it was like I was a part of a huge celebration. Everyone cheered, hugged, high-fived, and that was what I came for—to work in an atmosphere I loved and help enhance other peoples’ experience. That was when the city felt the magic of the season, I think for the first time as Carolina improved to 7-0.

Green Bay came and brought the cold with them, and I vividly remember bundling up that game because it was painfully cold. The wind cut through you, hurt you, chilled you to the core. That was Carolina’s first real test at a team that could end its’ undefeated streak. Once again, the Panthers reigned supreme and the stadium oozed confidence as now, we knew this year was going to be special. Carolina looked incredible.

Fast forward to the postseason, Seattle came to town, and everyone despised the Seahawks. Carolina handled business well. The most special game was when Carolina trounced Arizona. The postgame interview, hearing Cam speak, and radiate confidence was amazing.

I remember when I was leaving going onto the field for a moment and taking it all in. More incredible was when I was leaving Cam Newton was riding on a cart and we applauded him as he was riding, he clasped his hands together as if to say, “Thank you so much.”

On this day, where it is Cam Newton’s birthday it felt right to narrate all this to say he was the magic in the city. He was what made the Panthers so special, and he will always be welcomed here in Charlotte.

I will say the happiest of birthdays to one of my favorite athletes who electrified the city and united us by our fandom for the Panthers and him. While everything did not turn out perfect, and he did not get the fairytale ending in 2015, nor recently, he will always be the magic man of 2015.