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Cam Newton reunion possible following injuries at QB

The Carolina Panthers are ravaged by injuries at quarterback so, a reunion with Cam Newton may be in the mix.

The black and blue lost Matt Corral for the season in the second preseason game for the year. In Friday’s game against Buffalo, Sam Darnold fell to the ground and a defender rolled on his leg. Darnold stayed on the ground and eventually was carted off the field. Darnold suffered a high-ankle sprain that puts him out for four to six weeks. This realistically leaves just Baker Mayfield and PJ Walker on the depth chart. It is an option for Carolina to bring in Newton again.

When asked about the quarterback position following the injuries, head coach Matt Rhule did not shoot down a reunion with the former Panther.

When asked about Cam Newton, Rhule said he and Scott Fitterer would discuss the possibility, but it is too soon to get a decision.

“There would be a lot of things we’d have to look at, you guys know my feelings about Cam,” Rhule said. “My time with him was fantastic, probably too early right now to say much about that.”

Newton returned to Carolina in 2021 after a season with the New England Patriots. The former MVP came into the game against the Arizona Cardinals as a backup to PJ Walker. He immediately made an impact scoring on a two-yard touchdown run, and completed a touchdown pass to Robbie, Robby at the time, Anderson.

This gave fans what became famous “I’m back,” meme.

Newton started five games for the black and blue, he posted an 0-5 record. His completion percentage of 54.8 percent showed decent play, but four passing touchdowns with five interceptions was abysmal. He scored four rushing touchdowns on the season, but it was clear he was not the same Cam Newton.

His play style of a dual-threat quarterback allowed room for more hits. That combined with other injuries to the feet and shoulder wore Cam down.

Given the circumstances are the same as it was last time, an injury to Sam Darnold, he may return to Carolina.

He would back up Baker Mayfield, but he provides depth and experience at the position. Plus, he is a beloved figure in the Carolinas.

Tepper may get Newton back just for the publicity and potential increase in ticket sales, it worked last time.

From a football perspective, it makes sense to bring Newton back. While it may be too soon for the Panthers to decide, it would be a smart move to give Newton’s phone a ring.