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Can Malcolm Butler succeed again with the Patriots? | #ForeverNE

There's this trend I've seen at the Patriots in the last few years. The defenders had a good season with the Patriots, then, off-season, hit free agency and signed with another team for big-money contracts. I don't blame him because everyone needs to get paid right. But once it goes left with the team, that gets cut, and they will sign back to the Patriots. Now once they mark with the patriots is either to regain the form before or get another big-money contract from another team.

In this article, one of the defenders will talk about his cornerback Malcolm Butler. Everyone knows the story about Butler; he busted onto the scene when he caught an interception from Russell Wilson. He sealed the win for the Pats by beating the Seattle Seahawks at Superbowl XLIX in 2015. He also helped the team win A second Superbowl in 2017 when the Patriots achieved a magical comeback against the Atlanta Falcons. Butler had a solid career for the Patriots, which lasted for three years. From undrafted to two-time Superbowl champion is an excellent resume in his NFL career. During his time at the Patriots, he played all the sixteen games for three years in a row; in total, he had eight interceptions and double digits pass deflections during his three-year spell.

Once the big money offer, he received from the Titans, he left, which I didn't blame him because I believe he deserved a big contract. In 2018, Butler signed a five-year, $61 million contract with the Tennessee Titans with $30 million guaranteed. But like I mentioned, the team will cut them once things go left. And it happens in Butler’s case, he was cut by the titans in 2020, and he hasn't been the same player as he once was. He didn’t have a successful time at Tennessee, and injuries and inconsistency hit his time. He was with the titans for two years.

He signed with Arizona Cardinals last year, but it was an unsuccessful time, and he didn’t show anything at Arizona, and now he's back with the Patriots for one final time. He’s not the same player as he was once; his 32 years old, getting beat by fast and better receivers, has injuries and is getting slow. He won't be the number one or two cornerback for the Patriots, but he can be a decent three or fourth cornerback. He won't play many minutes unless injuries prevail, but I believe he plays a small contribution to the pat's success. He does have competition on the roster. Is he guaranteed in the 53-man final roster is on the line, and he must show the coaches & Bill Belichick the glimpse of a cornerback he once was he entered the league.