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Can the Atlanta Falcons Finish in 1st Place in the NFC South?

Atlanta Falcons got a huge overtime win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday improving their record to 4-4 on the season. 4 wins for the Falcons is a surprise in itself, but 1st place in the NFC South is even more impressive.

2022 NFC South Standings

Atlanta 4-4

Tampa Bay 3-5

New Orleans 3-5

Carolina 2-6

May people, myself included, wrote off the Falcons this season. But it seems like a very real chance they can win the division and host a 1st round playoff home game. Lets dive into the schedule moving forward.

11/6 vs Chargers

LA Chargers right now is a team of what ifs. What if their coach didn't suck? What if they had an easier slate of games? What if the Chargers weren't doomed for failure? Right now the Chargers are sitting at 4-3 on the season, but the west to east coast trip is always rough. Give me the Falcons

11/10 @ Panthers

Short work week vs a bad team right now. However Baker should be back and home team normally does well. Give me the Panthers.

11/20 vs Bears

Back at home, with 10 days off. Bears just had a fire sale and the offense isn't very good as is. Falcons win.

11/27 @ Commanders

Don't write this Washington team off quite yet. They are starting to rally around their new QB and getting healthy. I like the Commanders in this one.

12/4 vs Steelers

Steelers are one of the worst teams in the NFL. Rookie QB, a running back that is getting out rushed by Daniel Jones, and a WR core that is more worried about tik tok. Falcons.

12/18 @ Saints

Fresh off a late season bye vs a division rival that could mean the division. This is a true measuring stick for the Falcons late in the season. Are they that team or that team... Saints win at home

12/24 @ Ravens

Ravens are in a must win spot at this point in the season. AFC is loaded so every win counts. Lamar Jackson doesn't know how to win in January or February, but its December still. Give me the Ravens.

1/1 vs Cardinals

Cardinals come into town from the west coast. Always hard to do that and its a 1pm game. Cardinals are just not good either. Falcons in a close one.

1/8 vs Buccaneers

I'll save my thoughts on this game for later.

Right now that gives the Falcons 8 wins on the season. A far cry from winless and 4 games that we all thought they was going to win. This 1/8 game is a huge for the Falcons in making the playoffs. Do I think they will win the division no. Will they make the playoffs. No. Sadly the Falcons put together a good season but it just not good enough.

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