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Can the Los Angeles Rams Remain Super Bowl Contenders?

Last season Matthew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams reached the pinnacle, they won the Super Bowl. Now they'd like to accomplish one of the most challenging tasks in sports: win back-to-back championships.

In part four of my Super Bowl Contender Series, I break down whether the Rams will still be Super Bowl contenders in 2022. I've previously covered the Ravens, Bills, and Chiefs.

Are the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Contenders?

It's been talked about ad nauseam; The Rams chose to forego draft picks to build a team that's ready to win now. "Fuck them picks" became their mantra. The advantage of this strategy - the Rams were able to blow their window wide open en route to a championship.

The disadvantage to this strategy - their window could slam shut at any moment, unlike the Buffalo Bills or Cinncinatti Bengals, who appear to have a little more time. The question the Rams have to answer; Is their window still open?


If the Los Angeles Rams didn't just win the championship, I'm not sure I would look at this roster and immediately think, "That's a Super Bowl contender." It's very unbalanced, although, that was true for last season as well.

Cooper Kupp is incredible, Matthew Stafford is a top seven quarterback, and the offensive line is probably top ten in the league. Everyone else feels like a question mark on the offense, including Allen Robinson.

I know Robinson played for the Chicago Bears last season, and that's where passing games go to die, but he looked off even considering the Chicago of it all. This guy made Blake Bortles and the Jaguars look good, so I don't think we can say it was all Justin Fields and Matt Nagy. If it was an aberration, then I fully expect the Rams to be a problem for any defense in the league, after all, he's only 28. But if Robinson is the guy we saw last season, it'll make Kupp's job much harder.


Same as the offense, maybe even more so. You could make a strong argument that Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald are the two best defenders in the league. Bobby Wagner is still one of the best field generals. Then you're stuck asking yourself, who else is going to show up on Sundays?

Outside of Jalen Ramsey and maybe Jordan Fuller, I have many questions about that secondary. The other two corner spots and Taylor Rapp at safety will be a liability. What about the pass rush? Von Miller left for Buffalo, and Ogbonnia Okoronkwo left as well. That's a lot of production that Leonard Floyd and... Justin Hollins(?) will have to make up for. Aaron Donald could be one of the five best defenders we've ever seen in the league's history, but he can't carry all the water.

Are the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Contenders?

If they were in the AFC, the answer would be no. Fortunately for the Rams, the only well-rounded team remaining in the NFC is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So as long as the path to the Super Bowl is open for them, then any given Sunday applies here. If they can get there, Stafford, Donald, Ramsey, and Kupp can win any single game against any opponent.

The NFL usually isn't like the NBA in the sense that just star power is enough to propel you to at least the semi-finals. But the Rams have the best of stars, an incredible coach, and an underrated front office. So the ingredients are there, but some role players have to prove they can fill the shoes of those who departed.