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Carolina makes o-line top priority | #KeepPounding

Heading into the offseason the Carolina Panthers bolstered the depleted offensive line that ranked 31st in the 2021 season.

A lot of talk centered around quarterback for the Panthers, but the team focused on its’ biggest need— the offensive line.

Ranked 31st in efficiency, the Panthers placed one player in the 70 or above grade on Pro Football Focus, according to their website. Taylor Moton stood head and shoulders above his peers in ranking, which may speak to his talent or the lack of talent around him.

One player Carolina signed was guard Bradley Bozeman from Baltimore, in his 2021 season his score of 73.3 ranked second on the Ravens who ranked 21st on the list.

Austin Corbett from the Super Bowl champions, Los Angeles Rams, signed with the Panthers in the offseason too. His rating of 69.6 is not eye-popping, but if he posted that score with Carolina, he’d be the second ranked Panther on the team. His veteran leadership and presence can help a few young players develop while performing a solid role in improving the line.

In the 2022 draft the Panthers selected Ikem Ekwonu, who was pegged as the best offensive tackle in the draft. If he lives up to expectations, or performs halfway to his potential, then the Panthers should consider that a huge gift, and be excited about the future with him. Ekwonu represents the biggest hypothetical in this line.

That being if he does well and if he performs a solid job, as mentioned half of his potential, then this is great. If he falters, then the Panthers may have another bad line this season. If Ekwonu does not do well, but grows in 2023, then there is another chance. All rookies bring potential, hypotheticals and expectations, and Ikem Ekwonu is no exception.

Another player Carolina nabbed in the draft is Cade Mays from Tennessee. An All-SEC selection, Mays allowed one sack in his last year in college. In the 35 games between Georgia and Tennessee, Mays started at right guard, right tackle, left guard and left tackle with 31 of those being on the right side. The versatility he can bring to the line is invaluable, and he represents a solid future for the Panthers o-line.