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Carolina Panther unveil black alt helmets | #KeepPounding

The Carolina Panthers announced on Tuesday morning the debut of the black alternate helmet for the upcoming 2022 season, a long-awaited arrival for fans.

Black jersey? Check. Black pants? Check. Black helmet? Yes, check.

It was always a dream for the black and blue to have an all-black uniform, and the realization of that came to fruition on Tuesday.

This pattern does not differ much from years past, but the addition of a black helmet completes an incredible all-black look that fans clamored for in years past.

The video came on the Panthers Twitter account with the caption, “It’s always been there.” There is a blue light bulb followed by chilling background music and a haunting voiceover. Seven seconds in, “They say don’t let the darkness in.” Then a brief cut of Jaycee Horn followed by, “Maybe it’s always been there.”

(Add video here if possible)

In the only prime-time game of the season, Carolina debuts the look Nov. 10 in a home game against the Falcons.

A Thursday-night game, against a division rival that wears black, and a fan base that sports mostly black, this has the potential to be an incredible night at Bank of America Stadium.

While the all-blue color rush was nice, and the white combo was elegant, this all-black look is tough. The helmet sells it the most.

Fans seemed thrilled with the new look while some expressed hints of doubt. Some quickly pointed out that the Panthers record when wearing all black is 4-14. While this may be purely coincidental, this should not water down the fire that is these all-black uniforms.

Carolina fans, go see the video on Twitter and get excited this is a new helmet that makes this uniform look like the best in the league.