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Carolina Panthers projected for six wins in 2022 | #KeepPounding

The Carolina Panthers is projected for six or less win in the upcoming 2022 season.

Schedules released in mid-May showed Carolina faced a tough schedule for the campaign, and many sports books project the black and blue for six or less victories.

Again, the schedule will be shown and broken down because this seems borderline insulting that the Detroit Lions projected higher and the Jaguars project the same, so let’s look.

First game is the Cleveland Browns, and if DeShaun Watson plays, he’s not going to instantly be the quarterback he was in 2019. Not willing to hear how practice will shape him up and he will be used to it in preseason. A game that matters is an entirely different situation than preseason. Everyone says, “Preseason does not matter,” well if that’s true than he has not competed in an NFL game since 2019. The Panthers can win this game easily.

New York Giants follow and New Orleans Saints, which sound like two wins or at least a split. The Panthers can handle Daniel Jones and the Giants. Last year, the Panthers got embarrassed by NY, but that feels like a reason for it to not happen again. Carolina beat New Orleans once last year 26-7 and lost 18-10 for a split with New Orleans. The Panthers can avenge this because the offensive line should be better. Carolina takes both games against the Saints.

The defense suffered tremendous losses, but the offensive line saw nice upgrades that could propel Carolina forward. A huge wildcard to this is Christian McCaffrey, and if he performs at the high level, he helps the team a ton.

The Falcons and its’ backup quarterback? Please, Panthers take both. Sam Darnold was not amazing, but the defense can win the game. These feel like an opponent Carolina can kick while its’ down. Another two wins.

Seattle and Drew Lock should not scare the Panthers, but it will not be a blowout.

The Detroit Lions and Jarred Goff, this feels like an insult that this team is close to projected wins, but of course it feels like a W for Carolina.

Four wins against the Falcons and Saints, a win against the Giants, and a win against the Browns and a rusty Watson, or if he does not play a backup QB. That is six already, Seattle and Detroit make eight.

Maybe this is too optimistic, maybe this is giving too much credit to the new offensive line. On paper this all sounds good or ridiculous, but that’s why the games are played and not done online, in a column, nor on a blog, but played in a stadium.