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Carolina shows offensive spark in win against Tampa Bay

The Carolina Panthers defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21-3 Sunday afternoon for a much-needed second victory in the 2022 season.

Carolina overcame its’ division rival 21-3 as the offense came alive despite trading away its’ best player in Christian McCaffrey.

Hello everyone and this is my weekly fun post where I write in first person to be more personal to my readers.

Since I dealt with a family emergency last week, I will be a bit behind in discussing the McCaffrey trade but wanted to share before I talk about the win.

It felt like a gut punch when news broke that Thursday night. I remember being on my phone when the ESPN notification popped up followed by a confused “What?”

This felt like Carolina waving the white flag a mere six games into the season and embrace the full-on tank. Something I have never loved in sports, and while a team will never admit to losing on purpose in hopes of a high draft pick, we know there are those teams. The Panthers suffered injuries at the QB position that landed three QBs on the IL, and traded Robbie Anderson.

Still, it felt like the Panthers hoped for a turn toward winning. Dismissing Matt Rhule maybe caused immediate panic, but it felt good to know the team was headed in a different direction, possibly toward rebuilding a better staff to win games. Trading Robbie Anderson felt like the right thing to do because Carolina owns a few budding receivers worth developing. Also, any player that caused a stir like Anderson did in the LA game needed to be gone. I won’t miss him and his limited offensive input.

Ultimately what infuriated me was the McCaffrey trade. Yes, Carolina arguably relied on him too much, but he was healthy and produced. In an offense with no good quarterback and not a great line, he was the bright spot. I wish him the best in San Francisco because he is a favorite player of mine, and he produced.

But Carolina built around him, arguably because it was a terrible attempt, when it should have built a good QB and added weapons to take pressure off CMC.

Just those feelings of confusion, disgust for trading McCaffrey, followed by the disdain for being a franchise that tanked a season, I expected Tom Brady to mop the floor with the Panthers.

So, when Carolina beats Tampa Bay it felt amazing. While the offense stalled in the first half, the running duo of D’onta Foreman and Chuba Hubbard played incredibly well. With CMC gone the offense played more balanced than ever.

The passing game looked better than previous contests as DJ Moore found the endzone for the second time this season. Terrace Marshall Jr. hauled in two catches for 31 yards. PJ Walker looked good at QB too. On 16-for -22 passing for 177 yards and two touchdowns, he performed like a capable QB, something that seemed missing in Carolina for a while. Walker is now 3-1 in career starts.

With momentum on Carolina’s side it will be interesting to see how the Panthers play against another division rival in Georgia when the black and blue take on the Atlanta Falcons.