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CeeDee Lamb Breakout In Year 3? | #DallasCowboys

Year three is the make or break year most players in the NFL. It is you will be a dude or you will be just a guy. As CeeDee Lamb enters his third year in the NFL he has been step up to shine in 2022.

With the stunning trade of Amari Cooper to the Browns this offseason, it has fully opened the door for Lamb to excel this season. Lamb is now slated to be the man in Dallas as he is listed as the number 1 WR per ESPN depth chart.

First season has a pro, Lamb really opened the eyes of a lot of people in the NFL. He has 935 yards with 5 touchdowns. As those numbers might not wow you, you have to understand he was a rookie that lost his starting QB in week 5 of the season. Then Dalton came in to stink up the place, then 2 other quarterbacks did much of the same.

2021, his second season, he added more yardage and touchdowns to his stat spots. Raking in 1102 yards catching with 6 touchdowns. He was also used a little bit in the running game as well putting up 76 yards on 9 attempts with 8.3 ypc.

Now as we look into the 2022 season this is a make or break season for everyone on the Cowboys roster. From Dak to Zeke to Big Kay Bryant. Dallas has had a Super Bowl roster on paper for the last three season and now its time to put up or shut up. With that pressure, I look for Dak to have a great season. And in return it will explode Lamb's output.

If we like to play the trend game, CeeDee should bring in 1200 yards with 7 touchdowns. But that isn't the case in my eyes. I am looking for 1500 yards with 11 to 15 touchdowns for Lamb in 2022. Cowboys and McCarty with be slinging the ball all over the field and tallying up a lot of yardage.

In the end Lamb will have a huge 2022 season and year 3. Might be the next 100M man in Dallas.