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Coincidences make sports better

A man works a full-time job, and needs his tires replaced after a car inspection. Knowing this, he delays it, and thinks to himself “It can wait.” On his way home, about an eight-minute drive, his tire pops and he is stuck on the side of the road waiting for Triple A to assist him with the situation.

Another guy walks into a gas station and buys a soda, usually $1.63, but a two for $3 sale is going on. He hands the cashier a $5 bill and says, “Hey can I get a $1 scratch-off,” thinking why not. It’s just $1 and you never know. He gets in his car, reaches for a penny out of the spare change in his cup holder and begins unveiling the numbers. He notices he has three of a kind like the card said to win. He glances at the prize and it’s $10, so he doesn’t add a fortune, but on a $1 ticket it’s a good return.

The above scenarios can be classified as luck, whether good or bad, also known as superstition, and more so coincidences.

The definition of a coincidence is a remarkable occurrence of events or circumstances without apparent casual connection.

Life is full of them, and sports are no exception. In fact, coincidences in sports make the games more interesting and makes it more interesting to follow.

What occurred Tuesday at Carolina Panthers practice, probably falls into this category.

Hello everyone, and this is your fun post of the week, hope everything is going well as we ramp up toward football season. I hope the excitement I have is shared by the many of you Panthers’ fans.

Head coach Matt Rhule announced Baker Mayfield as the starter on Monday, after the preseason game against the New England Patriots. The next day in practice, Mayfield threw a pick-six and fumbled the ball.

A huge coincidence, and usually this fall into stages of irony.

Mayfield being named a starter, then committing two turnovers in practice the day after is an unfortunate coincidence.

What is more of a coincidence with a big helping of bad irony is Mayfield takes on the Cleveland Browns in week one of the regular season in Charlotte, N.C.

Win, and this is a huge slap in the face for the Browns as the team is paying Mayfield, the former No. 1 overall pick, $10 million of the $18 million he is making this year. Lose, and it will sting for Carolina fans, but still be ironic that the Browns are paying a player $10 million for him to lose to the team.

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