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Dak to the Titans

Updated: Mar 4

Every year we play the what if game; what if King Henry didn't get hurt, what if Fitz magic had magic to heal. But the real what if is, what if Dak was on the Titans this season? If Dak was on the Titans this season, #titanup would of been in the Super Bowl. No question in my mind. Dak is a perfect game manager and would of been great with this years offense in Tennessee. Tannehill is good, don't get it twisted, but Dak is better. #dallascowboys failed this season, again, because they are a pass happy offense and Dak doesn't do well with that. Dak is a quarterback that needs to pass the ball 25 times a game and let his running back eat 20 times a game. Its not hard to figure it out. Titans + Dak = Super Bowl. Titan fans, I would start screaming for it now while Henry still has life left.