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Davion Taylor is fighting for his NFL career during camp | #EaglesCamp

Usually, the Philadelphia Eagles don't really invest a lot in their linebackers - you'd have to go back to the VHS era to find the last time that the team used a first-round pick in the position. While they had some interesting hits recently, Davion Taylor does not compose the list, and the third-round pick is now fighting for his roster spot.

The 2020 draft was a problem for the Eagles, but he somehow sets to be even worse than Reagor. Taylor was a late bloomer on the field, as he was not allowed to play football on Friday nights due to his family's religious practices as Seventh-day Adventists. Drafting him in the third round was banking on his athletic talents and potential, but let's not sugarcoat it, he hasn't made enough progress - so much that Philadelphia basically gave up on him and decided that new players were needed instead of waiting for him to develop.

Heading into 2022, he appears to be fourth in the pecking order behind some combination of T.J. Edwards, Kyzir White, and Nakobe Dean - also a 3rd-round linebacker, but one that the franchise has massive hopes for. Keep in mind that the Eagles' defense will have multiple fronts, but it is safe to assume that running with three linebackers will likely be a rarity. It will be more common to have a SAM linebacker like Haason Reddick take the field, especially in obvious passing situations.

While not trending towards "bust" status, Taylor has found himself on the outside looking in. He's running the risk of becoming a massive "what if" talent who can produce in his time on the field, but fails to stay healthy enough, like the poor man's Eagles iteration of Jordan Hicks - who, like Taylor and Dean, was also a third-round linebacker, albeit a much better one.