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DeShaun Watson says he is 'still innocent'

The Cleveland Browns officially introduced Deshaun Watson as the face of the francaise with an introductory press conference. The star quarterback signed a fully-guaranteed $230 million contract with the team, but it’s the 22 sexual misconduct charges that dominates the conversation. He did address the accusations by denying any wrongdoing saying that he understands how serious the allegations are but that he never assaulted any women nor disrespected any women.

He went on to say he knows this will stay with him for quite some time. It won’t really matter what he does on the field, this is a stain that will be with him for a long time. Even if he is found innocent on all 22 charges, this will still leave a sour taste in peoples mouths, and some will still believe he’s guilty and that the court was wrong. If he is found guilty and is punished for his actions, and returns to the NFL some people will not forgive nor forget – for better or for worse.

He is right that this will follow him. Opposing fans will use this to throw him and the Browns off during their away games. For every step, every ruling, every comment from anyone involved in the lawsuits, Watson will be asked to comment on it.

The Cleveland Browns front office claimed they thoroughly looked into the case using an independent firm before offering Watson the contract.

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