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DeVito Benched

In a surprising turn of events during the clash against the Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Giants made a bold move, benching rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito in favor of Tyrod Taylor for the start of the second half at Lincoln Financial Field.

The decision raised eyebrows as DeVito didn't appear to be injured. Despite standing on the sideline with his helmet on early in the third quarter, reports from the FOX broadcast cited it as "a coaches' decision."

DeVito, the undrafted rookie quarterback, had swiftly endeared himself to Giants fans by clinching three wins in his first four starts. However, his performance in the first half against the Eagles left much to be desired, completing just 9-of-16 passes for 55 yards. The Giants found themselves trailing 20-3, with their offense struggling to muster a mere 101 total yards.

The insertion of Taylor into the game immediately sparked a change, resulting in a quick touchdown for the Giants. This scoring play followed a fumbled kickoff by Philadelphia, leading to three consecutive handoffs to Saquon Barkley at the start of the second half.

Interestingly, just a week prior, Giants coach Brian Daboll had emphatically reaffirmed DeVito as his starting quarterback. He had praised DeVito's performance, highlighting his impressive seven touchdown passes against a single interception in his five starts, where the team managed a 3-2 record.

"He's earned it," Daboll had declared confidently the previous Monday. "I'm not going to make a week-to-week change. He's earned it. It's not always going to be perfect, but he's earned the opportunity to play."

The decision to bench DeVito, despite previous coach endorsements, signifies a shift in strategy for the Giants. It remains to be seen whether this move is a one-time adjustment or a hint at potential changes in the team's quarterback dynamics moving forward. The game against the Eagles provided a compelling glimpse into the Giants' evolving quarterback situation, leaving fans and pundits alike speculating about the team's future lineup decisions.

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