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Does It Matter that Aaron Rodgers Won't Attend OTAs? | #GoPackGo

The Super Bowl isn't going to be won in May. In the big picture, this does not matter to the Packer's success come January. OTAs are voluntary, and many veteran quarterbacks, including Tom Brady and Lamar Jackson, are skipping them as well. Last year when Aaron Rodgers missed OTAs, it was seen as a massive deal because his future with the team was up in the air.

Aaron Rodgers has spent the past three seasons as the media's number one story, and now it looks like the media is trying to squeeze more blood from the stone. Unfortunately for them, it's mostly a nothing story. Ditto for Brady and Lamar as well. But...

Should Aaron Rodgers be at OTAs?

The Packers have also drafted three new receivers and added Sammy Watkins. More significant than that was losing Davante Adams. Doesn't every rep, meeting, and conversation with these new pieces matter? Matt LaFleur has one of the hardest playbooks to learn, and any input from Rodgers would be of great value to the new guys.

I'm not sure if Aaron read any poetry during his enema retreats in the desert, but if he did, he might've stumbled across Oscar Wilde, who once said, "The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself."

I thought the new, humble, and wannabe philosophical A-A Ron would be the type of guy who wants to pass his knowledge on to the young guys. Grow together as a team and all that jazz. Instead, the Island of Misfit Toys that is the Green Bay Packers receiving corps will be taking reps with Jordan Love, who probably won't be around for much longer.

What are OTAs?

OTAs are Organized Team Activities. They are considered voluntary, but most players show up anyway, and players have been fined for missing too many of their team's activities. Like most other offseason events, they're entirely non-contact. It's mainly used to get everybody on the same page and get the guys into football shape.

Final Verdict

Coaches will tell you the games are won Monday through Saturday or their success started in the summer. There probably is some truth to that. The more time a team spends together, the quicker they'll become a cohesive unit. It definitely wouldn't hurt to have Rodgers at OTAs getting reps in the new guys, but on his end, he already knows everything in LaFleur's playbook and has proven he shows up in shape every season.

He also stated he'll show up for the mandatory minicamp and all other offseason activities at the beginning of June. That will give Rodgers plenty of time to catch up with the new guys. So, while it would be nice for Aaron Rodgers to be at the OTAs to help out the young guys, there are plenty of other opportunities over the summer, and the four-time MVP has proven he'll be ready when the season comes.