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Don't sleep on Quez Watkins | #FlyEaglesFly

Depth is often overlooked as we're analyzing NFL rosters, but everyone knows that you've got to have capable players behind your superstars as well. After years of suffering with their wide receiver room, the Philadelphia Eagles not only have two great weapons to help the development of Jalen Hurts but they also have an extra speedy receiver that shouldn't be overlooked by any means.

Quez Watkins isn't the flashiest name out there, but he did a very good job as the deep threat for Nick Sirianni's offense throughout the 2021 season, taking some of the burdens out of Devonta Smith's shoulders. With Smith and A.J. Brown dominating targets in 2022, and Dallas Goedert as the number one tight end also having a major role in the offense, Watkins will be only the fourth receiving option.

But he's still going to be very important.

Watkins is faster than any other Eagles receiver on the roster and Sirianni should create some opportunities to get the ball in his hands and just let him run. Also, his speed will make defenses play a little behind, which should create some extra opportunities for Brown, Smith and Goedert to explore underneath routes.

He did a very good job last year with 647 receiving yards, a fine number considering that he's just a fifth-round receiver in his second year in an offense whose passing game wasn't the primary option. He's more than capable of taking over the WR2 role should any of Brown or Smith go down. Having capable backups is always good and Watkins is one of those.