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Don't sleep on the Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence

Combining the talent of Trevor Lawrence with the coaching of Doug Pederson is giving early signings of success for the Jacksonville Jaguars, even though we just closed the offseason. The Jaguars spend loads of money during free agency to reinforce their offense – not all deals were great, but that’s another story – and they also have an underrated defense.

Obviously, they can only go up after picking twice as the top pick in the NFL Draft. But this seems to be the year where the Jaguars finally take a positive step forward to get out of mediocrity.

If the Jaguars truly want to surprise everyone and fight for the AFC South (which is a real possibility considering how weak is the division), then Trevor Lawrence has to step up in his second season. No more growing pains. No more Urban Meyer. No more distractions. He’s in a very good place with a much better supporting cast around him and a coach that has proven himself as a good quarterback developer.

Head coach Doug Pederson talked about his development during the first day of the Jaguars’ training camp back in July:

“That’s the goal: to make a significant jump in year two,” Pederson said. “I think building off of last year, the fact that he played the entire season, we can build off that and really expect a sky’s the limit mentality with him. He’s in the same frame of mind as well. He wants to take that next step, not only in his growth but leading this football team. Today’s day one of that, and we’re just excited to be on the grass with him and the rest of the team”

The hashtag #TankForTrevor in previous years had a reason to exist and his unworldly potential was why. After a rough first year without many reasons to celebrate, Lawrence is finally free from Urban Meyer and can focus on winning games. But his task won’t be easy, and the Jaguars are counting on him.

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