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Donaldson "Jackie" Comment NOT Racist or Offensive

I started a new sales job some years back, and I've always been brash and cocky, especially when undeserved. We hit a big sales goal as a company my third month in, and the big boss sent everyone a congratulatory email. I replied all, and credited myself for the achievement, calling myself the Kobe Bryant of Sales. It ruffled quite a few feathers among the veteran sales staff, and many snickered because I nowhere near pulled my weight that month, let alone carried the company. One rep even replied all to my email, "Which one are you?"

I was there for 6 years, and not a day went by that someone in the office didn't call me Kobe. More so when I had a bad month. And that is completely OK, not the least bit offensive or racist. In the movie Goodfellas, and in male circles before everyone was offended by dandelions, this was called "busting balls". Someone compares themselves to a legend, and you use that comparison against them. It's all fun and games.

Chicago White Sox infielder Tim Anderson signed up to be part of these games in a Sports Illustrated article back in 2019, when he said, "I kinda feel like today's Jackie Robinson." Josh Donaldson claims that after the article came out, he and his Braves teammates at the time found it hilarious, and that he would bust Anderson's balls about it every time they played against each other as well. It's no surprise then, that Donaldson was puzzled by Andersons reaction during Saturdays game between the Yankees and White Sox.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, Donaldson came to bat and was chatting it up with Sox catcher Yasmani Grandal. Grandal gestured towards Anderson, and the benches cleared with Anderson having to be restrained. Apparently, earlier in the game, there was an issue involving a hard tag that Anderson placed at third base. So the game was getting chippy, and Donaldson's ball busting was the last straw. I get that, and have a whole hearted understanding of how that can escalate an already fiery situation. The aftermath, however, is borderline unforgivable.

How dare Tony LaRussa say that Donaldson made a racist comment. How incredibly irresponsible of Anderson to say he was offended, and also felt the comments were racist. And how ridiculously stupid, illogical, and most of all pandering for MLB to suspend Donaldson even one pitch, let alone an entire game. What is happening to us, America?

Our parents, grandparents, and the founding parents of this country are ashamed of you all. A generation of humans that were traumatized because they got Malibu Barbie for their religious neutral winter holiday, instead of Prom Queen Barbie, and now their feelings get boo-boos every minute of the day by each and every word they hear. And how do they justify it? They aren't sensitive. Everything in the world must be racist. "That guy cut me off in traffic. He's a racist." "Taco Bell stopped carrying the shredded chicken burrito because they are racist."

The sad thing is, there is racism in the world. But namby pamby, softer than pudding, leaches on society have diluted the term so much, that actual racism gets ignored along with their cries of wolf. Donaldson's comments were just as racist as my co-workers calling me Kobe. Which is not at all. Shame on the MLB, LaRussa, Anderson, and anyone who sides with those diapers. You're just as full of it as they are.

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