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Eagles' roster outlook: quarterbacks | #FlyEaglesFly

We're beginning a series to provide an outlook on the Eagles' roster until training camp arrives. First, the quarterbacks.

Jalen Hurts should have the easiest of lives during training camp. While he didn't do enough to end discussions about whether he's good enough to be Philadelphia's franchise quarterback, he at least played well enough to get another shot at the job for the following season. With Hurts displaying improvements during the whole year and a surprise playoff berth, the team was able to use its three first-round picks in other deals while staying put at the quarterback position.

The backup situation is also comfortable to the team, with Gardner Minshew with enough experience as a starting quarterback and with knowledge of the scheme - he joined the Eagles right before the season in 2021 but played well enough when Hurts was hurt and his number was called. Minshew isn't starting material, but it's also difficult to find a better backup than him in the league.

Even the third quarterback situation is exciting - kinda. Carson Strong has enough talent to be a high-end backup in the league, and he fell in the draft because of health concerns. If he stays healthy during practices while the Eagles develop him, they might have a cheaper backup when Minshew leaves the team after this season. Strong was considered a very good quarterback prospect coming into this year's draft and grabbing him as an undrafted free agent was a positive thing for Philadelphia.

Quarterback room grade: 3,5/5. Backups aren't the problem but it's still unclear whether Hurts is the real deal or not.