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Fantasy Bust 2022 - Miles Sanders

A good running back can make or break your fantasy team each and every year. Last season Miles Sanders broke a lot of hearts as he was drafted damn near the top of each and every draft.

3 Reasons Why People Draft Him:

1) Eagles are a very run heavy offense. With a quarterback like Hurts its easy to call dive left and dive right. Philly had 550 rushing attempts last season to 490 pass attempts.

2) When Miles Sanders does get the chance to touch the ball he does very well. In 2022 he averaged 5.5 yards per attempt and 5.3 the year before. If the Eagles give the man the ball!

3) His Relative Athletic Score is a 9.49 which means he's a great athlete. This score is a 0-10 score among people in your peer group, IE other running backs

The Reasons why NOT to Draft Him:

1) Miles Sanders ADP (average draft projection) has him as the 27th best running back this season. However in 2021 his fantasy scores had him at RB 41. Now he did have 3 weeks as a top 15 scorer in fantasy football, but we play a 17 week season here.... The other weeks when he was outside the top 15 he was between RB 30 and RB 49 in points.

2) Sanders had less than 9 carries in 50% of the games in 2021. The Eagles are dead set on a running back by committee approach and it hurts fantasy owners. Draft any other running back from the Eagles will be a mistake as well.

3) In the Red Zone, Sanders is 4th in rushing attempts. That is not 4th in the NFL, that is 4th on his team. So pretty much when in the Red Zone count on someone else getting you points.

All in all if Miles Sanders was on a one running back team, he would be a top 10 running back in fantasy football. But he's not. Do not draft this man in 2022!

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