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#FantasyFootball: Avoid Tyreek Hill in your drafts

Just as it is important to find breakout players and sleepers in your fantasy league, there are some players that you should avoid at all costs unless they come at a very cheap price – players that some people will be excited to pick in the earlier rounds, but it only makes sense to do it unless your team’s core is set. Tyreek Hill is one of these names in 2022.

Hill is a fantastic receiver, without a doubt. He was a borderline top 5 fantasy WR for most of the previous seasons as he was Patrick Mahomes’ top target in a passing heavy offense, and with his speed, there was always the potential for a long touchdown.

But Hill moved teams during the offseason and he has joined the Miami Dolphins, and with a completely different situation looming over on the horizon, you should pass on the opportunity to pick him in the earlier rounds of your fantasy league draft. The potential to lose value is enormous.

It’s difficult to find a league where Hill wasn’t a first-round pick last year. He was always listed on the ‘elite’ tier alongside guys like Davante Adams, but the scenario is completely different in 2022.

Hill moved from deep-ball master Patrick Mahomes to Tua Tagovailoa, who, for all his accuracy in short and intermediate passes, isn’t as prolific throwing deep as Mahomes, which should hurt Hill’s skill set. Sure, his potential to get yards after the catch remains immense, but don’t count on him burning defenses deep and then scoring a long touchdown like he used to do in Kansas City.

Hill was a slight disappointment last season, as he fell out with the offensive coaches and did not receive as many opportunities as he wanted. In Miami, he’s not going to have the same offensive minds as Reid, and he’s also going to share duties with Jaylen Waddle, a top 6 pick in the 2021 draft that the Dolphins absolutely love. Miami also loves to run the ball a lot more than Kansas City.

Hill in the third round? Great. In the first round? Don’t do it.