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#FantasyFootball Bust; Josh Jacobs

Let's start todays blog off with the statement of, "I do not think Josh Jacobs is a bust" but a fantasy bust. However, looking at the stats we could be seeing a 4 year and out....Now let us dive deep into why.

2019 started off with a bang for Jacobs, he racked up 1150 yards on the ground on 242 attempts, but could only find pay dirt 7 times. 2020 season he followed up with another 1000 yards on the ground with 273 carries, along with 12 touchdowns. Then 2021, 872 yards, on 217 attempts, with 9 touchdowns. Trending down each year.

Now why do I think 2022 will be even worst? The addition of De'Vante Adams is huge. Huge as in taking away touches/yards/touchdowns from Josh Jacobs. As Jacobs has been trending down each year, this year will be even more. I feel that he will only get around 600 yards rushing this season. Along with just 6 touchdowns.

In most leagues, these numbers do not add up to a lot of points for fantasy owners. Now I am not saying 100% do not draft him, but early rounds, pass.

Let's dive into his fantasy projections per the experts. They are predicting 1150 total yards with 10 touchdowns with 40 catches. Per the experts, Jacobs has a solid floor because he has scored at least 14.7 PPR points per game on average over the past three seasons. Each season of his career has seen him score at least seven touchdowns and accumulate at least 1,100 total yards. Experts also hope Derek Carr keeps using him in the passing game after he established a new career best in catches in 2021.

Now lets be clear, that is all projections and it is very difficult to anticipate considering the signing of Adams. Keep in mind also the injury recovery of Darren Waller (knee) and the aforementioned Drake. However, the Raiders’ attack ought to be stronger. This ideally means Jacobs could have more opportunities to score than ever before. He should once again be a productive Fantasy option in all formats if this is the season he surpasses 16.0 PPR points per game.

My finals thoughts, pick up if he is on the board after the 5th round.