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The Eastern Conference Finals may be remembered for a controversial three pointer down the road when people think of the 2021-2022 season. However, that will be but a blip on the Golden State Warriors championship season.

Yes, I've already handed the Warriors the Larry O'Brien trophy. It is a foregone conclusion that they will win this series and win it easily. The only people who disagree with this will also drop their R's and laughingly claim Ted Williams is the greatest hitter ever. The people from Beantown are disconnected from reality when it comes to their sports teams. They always believe that they have the best teams, the best odds, and they only lose when the other team cheats, or the refs blow the game. But, here are the 3 reasons this series is over before it's started.


The obvious reason. The foundation of head coach Steve Kerr, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green have been to 6 finals in the last 8 years, resulting in 3 titles. They represented the western conference every season from 2014 to 2019. They've been there and done that, and nothing the Boston Celtics throw at them will surprise them in any way. They know the environment and the pressure of the Finals, and know they can conquer both.

The Boston Celtics team has never been there. Not a single member of their team has played in an NBA finals game. Granted, head coach Ime Ukoda was an assistant under Greg Popovich and went to 2 Finals against the Miami Heat, winning one of them. That will not be enough. There are teams who have won without experience before. The Bulls never went to the finals before winning six titles in eight years. But the Celtics are not the Bulls, Ukoda is not Phil Jackson, and Tatum/Brown are not Jordan/Pippen.

Star Power

The Celtics young duo is as good or better than any young duo in the league. They are going to have alot of opportunities in the future. Marcus Smart is a fantastic complimentary piece. First guard since Gary Payton to win defensive player of the year. He is every bit Ron Artest to Kobe and Pau, or even higher praise, Rodman to Jordan and Pippen. The promise of future greatness does not win titles however. Current greatness wins titles.

Steph Curry is an all-time great NBA player. A first ballot hall of famer. When all is said and done, he will go down as the greatest point guard in history, if he isn't already (sorry Magic). Klay Thompson is wildly underrated. On any other team he would be a perennial MVP candidate. He is big, can play defense, get to the rim, and is the best spot up shooter any of us have ever seen. He is the best second banana since Kobe. Andrew Wiggins was the number one overall pick. He was averaging 20 points per game for his career before becoming a third option. Draymond Green is a seven time all-defensive player (including this season), and a former DPOY, while averaging 7-7-7.Jordan Poole is an emerging star. Otto Porter. Andre Iguodala. It's too much for Boston to handle.


82 games is a very long season. It gets even longer fighting your way through the playoffs, and longer yet when pushed to a full 7 game series by physical teams like the Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks. The Warriors breezed past the Dallas Mavericks. By the time game 1 tips off, the Warriors will have had a full week of rest. A delusional fan from the other side could propose the possibility of rust, but when a team is chocked full of shooters like the Warriors, rust means 40% from behind the arc.

Rest actually means more gas in the tank. More energy to run players off of screen after screen. Less of a need to go deep into the bench, which is also an advantage in this series. All added up, the Celtics are going to lose this series and it will not be close.

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