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Giants released Bradberry because of past mistakes | #TogetherBlue

The New York Giants announced the release of cornerback James Bradberry on Monday, following months of speculation about his future. The Giants failed to trade him as his huge cap hit was a no-go for the other teams.

It was going to be impossible for the Giants to keep the cornerback with a $21.9 million cap hit in 2022. The franchise had to clear some cap space in order to sign their rookies.

This is a great reflection of how bad Dave Gettleman was as a general manager. Currently, the Giants can’t spend money around - and couldn’t when the first wave of free agency began in March - because of the decisions made by Gettleman when he was in charge. Things were looking bleak when Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll arrived back in January.

New York is currently an aging, expensive team who can’t compete in the NFC.

The great news is that signs of hope are being seen in New York. The franchise hasn’t won a playoff game in ten seasons and lastly made the playoffs five years ago. With rookies Evan Neal and Kayvon Thibodeaux, though, there’s a lot of hope for 2022; with Brian Daboll as head coach, there’s also the expectation of some improvement for Daniel Jones, just like happened with Josh Allen when Daboll was the Bills’ offensive coordinator.

But things will still look difficult for a while for the Giants, and Bradberry’s cut is a prime example. Bad decisions hinder for years, and New York lost a good player for financial reasons. It proves one more time how bad management can hurt a franchise.

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