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Giants' roster outlook: Cornerbacks

We're doing a series to provide an outlook on the Giants' roster until training camp arrives. Episode 10, cornerbacks

This one is really tough to feel confident if you're a Giants fan. It's understandable with the team had to get rid of James Bradberry, but it doesn't change the fact that this group is really weak without him.

The pecking order looks set. Adoree Jackson is the biggest name with the mega contract he signed with the team, while Aaron Robinson should play on the other side, even if it is by default. Darnay Holmes will start as the nickel corner, but there appears to be the possibility of a shuffle if he doesn't step up during training camp.

Cordale Flott comes in as a backup on the outside. He needs to develop both physically and his technique, but it's easy to understand why coaches love him because of his intelligence and potential to become a good starting player if he does develop his physique. Rodarius Williams also is an interesting player, but since he's rehabbing from an ACL injury and did not practice during the spring, we need to hit the breaks on him.

But overall, this is an inexperienced group and there's not much that the franchise can do as of now. At least the front seven is really good, which will ease the pressure on the players, but without Bradberry, the Giants will suffer against stronger passing offenses.

Cornerback room grade: 2,5/5. Not much talent and not much experience. Cornerback is a major concern for New York.