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Giants roster outlook: interior offensive line | #TogetherBlue

We're doing a series to provide an outlook on the Giants' roster until training camp arrives. Episode 6, the interior of the offensive line.

Oh, how times feel better. The Giants' fans have seen their quarterbacks getting battered over and over again through the last few years because of their horrendous offensive line; there's a reason to believe that things will get better now.

The biggest signing for this group is Jon Feliciano. Not only he's a really solid center who can also play as a guard, but Feliciano knows all of Brian Daboll's offensive system and will be a helpful voice to guide younger guys as to how they should play. This will help Daniel Jones in a number of ways - and we all know that, if there's a guy that desperately needs help right now, it's Jones.

Rookie Joshua Ezeudu is another that creates some hope for the fanbase. He's going to get every chance to win the malignous left guard starting job, a position that has given nightmares for every Giants fan in the last few years. If he steps in and plays just 'okay' as a rookie, he's already going to be an improvement for the team.

Mark Glowinski signed for the Colts and he also figures to be an important player as a starting interior offensive lineman.

Interior offensive lineman grade: 3/5. It's not pretty, it's not perfect, but it's way better than what they had in previous years. Let's see how they build from this.