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Giants' roster outlook | #TogetherBlue

We're beginning a series to provide an outlook on the Giants' roster until training camp arrives. First, the quarterbacks.

It's never a great sign when your quarterback enters the season needing to prove his worth, but that's the situation Daniel Jones faces right now. With a new front office and coaching staff in place, Jones has one final season on his contract to prove that he was the right pick for New York back in 2019 and all he needed was a change of scenery, even if it's inside the franchise. If he fails for the fourth straight year, there will be no more chances.

Tyrod Taylor is ready to take the starting spot in case Jones fails to deliver. Taylor is the perfect bridge quarterback: he will keep things running but he's not going to take your team to the Super Bowl. His level in previous stops is higher than Jones', but the organization wants to give one final shot to him with an improved coaching staff and a better offensive line. Tyrod, the veteran, can smell the starting job.

The final name on the room is Davis Webb, a previous third-round pick from the Giants in 2017 who made a number of NFL stops during his career but returned to New York this year. He has worked with head coach Brian Daboll in the Buffalo Bills since 2019, so it's not a surprise to see him returning to the Giants.

Quarterback room grade: 2,5/5. Unless Jones improves massively under Daboll, 2022 is set to be a failure in this regard.