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Green Bay Packers Opponent Preview: Chicago Bears, Week 2

The Bears travel to Green Bay for a Sunday night showdown against the Packers in week two of the NFL season. The Aaron Rodgers era hasn't been kind to the Chicago Bears, and I'd expect that to continue this year. Expect this to be an easier matchup than the thorny Minnesota Vikings.

Here's your reminder that Aaron Rodgers is 22-5 against the Bears. Both PFF and Football Outsiders agree that Chicago's offense was underwhelming last season. Justin Fields struggled mightily, often hanging onto the ball for too long. Da Bears were allergic to scoring points and led the league in sacks taken. 2021 was a rough go all-around for the former Monsters of the Midway.

Chicago Bears Season Preview

So what did the Bears do to rectify these problems? Not much! While competent teams sell out to prop up their young quarterback for success, Chicago's hardly done anything. They signed Lucas Patrick from the Packers, which is an excellent signing, to be fair. He'll most likely start at center, but he's the kind of versatile lineman the Packers love who can fill in at multiple positions along the line for them.

Other than that, they did next to nothing to fix their leaky o-line, and their best receiver left for greener pastures. If it wasn't for the Packers, the Bears might have the worst receiver room in the league. I like Darnell Mooney, but the rest of their receiving core is made up of other team's rejects. That's not the kind of help you want to give your young signal-caller. You took more sacks than anyone in the league, are you trying to ensure Fields fails? Why give up a first-round pick for a quarterback you don't want to help him?

Do you know what Just Fields throws? A beautiful and accurate deep ball. Do you know what takes time to develop? Deep routes. The Bears might have Cam Newton 2.0, but they refuse to give him the tools to find out.

It wasn't a problem hiring Matt Eberflus as your head coach, even though he's a defensive coach. I like the hiring; he had a good track record in Indy. Your offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach will be the ones developing your QB anyway. The Buffalo Bills developed Josh Allen fine with Sean McDermott as the head coach. The Bears are hoping new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy will have the same symbiotic relationship Brian Daboll had with Allen.

The problem is spending more money on your defensive line than the offensive line. I get bringing in guys who understand Eberflus' defense, but not at the expense of your new quarterback! Do you know what the Bills did after drafting Josh Allen? Drafted offensive lineman and receivers in the first three rounds. They also signed multiple pass blockers through free agency before the start of his 2nd season. And just to be sure Allen had everything he needed to be successful, the Bills traded for Stefon Diggs. If Josh Allen didn't work out, it wouldn't be through lack of trying.

The Bears never seem to get out of their own way. I loved Justin Fields coming out of college. Hopefully, Chicago can find a way to get him the help he needs.

How Do the Bears Matchup Against the Packers?

To quote a great pseudo-philosopher, the Packers fucking own the Bears and have always owned the Bears. Chicago isn't supposed to be good this year; they're building for the future. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Lions jump them in the standings.

Outside of Fields being a running quarterback, I don't see anywhere on the Bears roster that would give the Packers trouble. They're two teams with entirely different goals going into this season; Green Bay is still in championship contention, while Chicago is hoping they don't stunt their new quarterbacks development too much.

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