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Green Bay Packers Roster Preview: Quarterback

Aaron Rodgers is a fire-breathing dragon. Every time Aaron steps on the field, he's liable to go off and torch the opposing defense. For a second there, it even felt like he was going to light the Green Bay Packers on fire. Every obstacle in his way may be burned down.

Quarterback Preview

Rodgers' numbers are absurd. 2021, career, standard, advanced, whatever number you look up is ridiculous. Aaron turns 39 during the 2022 season, and the chances of him or anybody having Tom Brady's longevity are slim. Yet when you look at his numbers from the past two seasons, not only does he still have it, he's gotten better.

Through the 2018 and 2019 seasons - 62% / 8444 Yards / 51 Touchdowns / 6 Interceptions / 7.2 Yards per Attempt / 96.5 Quarterback Rating / 85 Sacks.

2020 through 2021 - 70% / 8414 yds / 85 tds / 9 ints / 8 YA / 116.7 rate / 50 scks.

That's a late-career resurrection unlike anything we've ever seen. After three consecutive seasons without throwing more than 30 touchdowns, he won back-to-back MVPs, threw 85 touchdown passes (48 in '20 and 37 in '21), and his touchdown to interception ratio leaped from 8.5 to 9.4. The NFL has been put on notice, Aaron Rodgers is still a baaad man.

Aaron Rodgers 2022 Outlook

Rodgers' counting stats will take a dip due to Davante Adams heading to Las Vegas, but that shouldn't stop him from terrorizing the league. Some of Rodgers' best plays ended with catches by Jeff Janis, Richard Rodgers, and Jared Cook - so he doesn't exactly need household names to make magic happen.

Two cities where Aaron Rodgers owns a majority of the real estate, Chicago and Dallas, are on the schedule in 2022. That will give Aaron and the Packers a few opportunities to create more memories for Cheeseheads and nightmares for the Cowboys and Bears. He's always owned them, and he still owns them. *Every hyperlink in the last two paragraphs is incredible and puts a smile on my face.

This offseason has been relatively smooth sailing. Rodgers showed up to training camp looking cool as ever, and there's no drama. After three offseasons that had everybody questioning his future with the team, it's nice knowing both sides are 100% dedicated. I've doubted Aaron Rodgers' commitment to the Packers at times - and it's nice being wrong.

Aaron's demeanor on the field often makes it look like he's bored, and I think that's just cause he already knows the end of the movie. So while we're on the edge of our seats wondering how the Packers will get out of this one, he already knows. He's going to go out there, make throws other players in the history of the NFL couldn't dream about making, and win the fucking football game. He's Matlock at the end of every episode, the defense will be solved.

Only 36 days until football, and we witness Aaron Rodgers burn down the league again.