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Green Bay Packers Schedule Breakdown | #GoPackGo

The NFL schedule has been released. I'll break down everything you need to know about the Green Bay Packers schedule, from what dates you need to circle and how the Packers will fair throughout the season.

Green Bay Packers Schedule Breakdown

What Dates Should We Circle?

While divisional games are always fun, and the Packers open up with a pair of them against the Vikings and Bears, the truth is the NFC North isn't very good. That won't stop Green Bay from dropping a game against the Vikings (hopefully not week one), but the rest of the division should be a clean sweep. The real fun starts in week three.

1) Week 3, September 25th @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Packers will get to exorcise some recent playoff demons as they travel to Florida to face off against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Last year's loss to the 49ers was worse, but there's still a bad taste in everyone's mouth from intercepting Tampa Tom three times and losing at home to the eventual Super Bowl champs. Please don't mention Scotty Miller embarrassing Kevin King and waltzing into the endzone.

Oh ya, expect the media to mention Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady and thousands of people on the internet to argue about talent vs. success. The game will be more fun than the week leading up to it.

2) Week 8, October 30th @ Buffalo Bills: This will be the toughest test for Green Bay's defense all season. Josh Allen is a killer, even if you have everybody covered, Allen can take off downfield with his legs and lay some wood one-on-one. Hell, the Bills will scheme up some designed runs with Allen out of the backfield just to keep the defense guessing. Stefon Diggs is pretty good too, the Packers will have their work cut out for them in Orchard Park.

3) Week 10, November 13th vs. Dallas Cowboys: Mark this one up in the win column; the Cowboys haven't won anything since the early '90s (27 years!), and the league still treats this inept franchise like they're the Patriots. #GoPackGo.

4) Week 15, December 19th vs. Los Angeles Rams: There's no better yard marker than getting the defending Super Bowl champs during the home run stretch. Win or lose, a good showing here will be a huge confidence boost heading into the playoffs. The Rams have a top-shelf defense to go along with with their vaunted offense. We'll get a good peak as to how our receivers will hold up come playoffs and where Aaron Rodgers' comfort level is amongst this hodgepodge group of receivers.

How Hard is the Green Bay Packer's Schedule

According to The Athletic, the Packers have the 22nd hardest schedule in the league, while Sharp Football Analysis ranks them at 15th. That's good for the Packers, often the best teams in the league will get stuck with the most challenging schedule cause of how the NFL picks the teams every team plays. Being in the same division as the Bears and Lions goes a long way to picking up some easy wins, drawing both New York teams, as well as the Commanders, is a blessing too.

A trip to London aside, Green Bay doesn't have to travel across too many timezones either. Despite some tough matchups on the schedule and a much-maligned receiving corps, the Green Bay Packers will continue to roll in the Matt LaFleur era. Chalk up another 12 to 14 win season.