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Green Bay Packers Opponent Season Preview: Week 6 New York Jets

Week 6 of the NFL season sees the New York Jets come to Lambeau for a dance with the Green Bay Packers. Brett Favre's old flame had an incredible offseason; it will be up to Zach Wilson and Robert Saleh to prove they're the guys to lead the Jets to the promised land.

New York Jets Season Preview

The Jets were trash last season, they went 4-12 and led the league in points allowed. They couldn't stop anyone, create turnovers, or pressure the quarterback. Defense is supposed to be Saleh's specialty. Things didn't get any better on offense, Mike White outplayed Zach Wilson in limited opportunities, and Michael Carter was their only playmaker. The Jets roster was so putrid it made it difficult to distinguish if the players or coaching were the issues. That won't be an issue in 2022.

The Jets added some difference-makers this offseason. Every weakness they had, they addressed. New York may start slowly as their new toys get integrated, but if they don't push for .500, there's a definite quarterback or coaching problem. General Manager Joe Douglas has stocked the cupboards, there's no excuse for another underwhelming season.

Free Agency

Going into the offseason, the Jets needed to improve the offensive line, defensive backfield, tight end position, receivers, pass rush, and linebacker. There were a lot of holes to fill, and they got most filled before the draft rolled around. Laken Tomlinson automatically upgrades the interior of the Jets' o-line, and getting Mekhi Becton back from injury gives New York an excellent offensive line. The offensive line will be the strength of the team in 2022.

The most interesting area the Jets addressed was their tight end group. New York signed C.J. Uzomah from the Bengals and Tyler Conklin from the Vikings, along with drafting Jeremy Ruckert in the 3rd round. Expect to see a bunch of two tight end sets this season as Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur takes a page out of his brother Matt's Green Bay playbook. The Jets didn't have the personnel last season to put multiple tight ends on the field often, but it was a high success rate when they could.

In the defensive backfield, the Jets picked up safety Jordan Whitehead and cornerback D.J. Reed to help solidify their secondary. Reed had a breakout year with the Seahawks last season. Meanwhile, Whitehead was the unsung hero of Tampa Bay's secondary. Both players bring some needed experience and stability to New York's much-maligned pass defense.

The Draft

The draft is where the New York Jets hit the jackpot. Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson, and explosive pass rusher Jermaine Johnson are all players with the pedigree to make an immediate impact. Wilson is an incredibly tantalizing prospect as his ability to turn around defenders should make him Zach Wilson's favorite target from day one. Garrett Wilson got open as well as anybody in college football; it'll be up to the quarterback to get him the ball.

Sauce Gardner was the dictionary definition of a shutdown corner in college. Of course, it's sacrilege to compare any cornerback to Darrelle Revis, but if anyone has a chance to govern their own island - it's Sauce Gardner. He didn't allow a single touchdown in college and still managed nine interceptions over three seasons, even though quarterbacks wouldn't even look that way.

Zach Wilson

If it weren't for Zach Wilson, I would be all over the Jets to make the playoffs at +540. He was terrible. It's never been easier for quarterbacks in the NFL, and he still only completed 55.6% of his passes; that was last in the league, by the way. It's one thing to be below average as a rookie, it's something else entirely when you're dead last.

Even when Wilson returned from injury in Week 11 and cut down on the turnovers, he still only completed 54% of his passes and posted a 75.2 Quarterback Rating. His big-play ability is undeniable, but it's hard to win in this league when your quarterback has sub-60% accuracy; he's not Joe Namath in the 1960s. His inability to look off defenders and work through progressions didn't help matters.

The Jets have an exciting roster, and when Zach Wilson is at his best, he's a thrilling player willing to make high-risk, high-reward throws. I hope Saleh, LaFleur, and Wilson find a way to reach his ceiling cause if they do, they could be the breakout team of 2022.

How do the Jets Matchup with the Packers?

The Jets' defense was one of the worst in the league last year, and that's the only area they didn't make any apparent improvements. That's a problem against the Green Bay Packers. The Packers have one of the best one-two punches in the league with AJ Dillon and Aaron Jones. Dillon is a fucking tractor that's damn near impossible to take down, while Jones is a threat to take one to the house every time he steps on the field; up the middle, around the edge, or in the passing game, Jones has one of the most well-rounded skill sets in all of the NFL.

Wilson will also have trouble finding success against this defense. Even if his o-line holds up against Green Bay's pass rush, the Packer's secondary will cause problems downfield. Behind receiver Garrett Wilson, the Jets' wide receiver depth remains a little thin. Regardless, I expect this match to be much more exciting than the Packer's trip to England against the Jets' roommates.

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