Green Bay Packers Weekend Roundup | #GoPackGo

Minicamp has wrapped up, and the player evaluations, rumors, gossip, and stories are pouring out. Davante Adams has been candid with the media about his exit from the Green Bay Packers, the Packers receivers are battling it out for best of the worst, and most importantly, Aaron Rodgers might be dating a witch, or an elf, or both.

Packers Weekend Roundup

The NFL has become the league that never sleeps, even during the NBA and NHL Finals, football has a way of stealing the headlines. Nowhere is this more evident than in Green Bay; Everybody knows what a hotbed of activity Wisconsin is.

Davante Adams Opens Up About His Exit From the Packers

Davante Adams confirmed the rumors that the Packers offered to make him the highest-paid receiver in the NFL and a larger contract than the Las Vegas Raiders. That's got to sting for Packer fans, considering the current state of their wide receiver room.

Adams stated his reason for moving on was the uncertainty surrounding Aaron Rodger's future. Rodgers, coming off his 4th MVP, just signed a contract extension that will keep him in Green Bay through the 2026 season.

Tae also stated he, "wanted to come out here and raise my family on the West Coast." Nevada is definitely west of Wisconsin, but it still remains a land-locked state as of the writing of this article.

Packers Wide Open Receiver Battles

I want it on the record that if I came off as salty and petty in that last section, it's directly correlated to my worries about the Packers receiver room. While I feel receivers get overvalued, cause like running backs, you can scheme them open, it can't be overstated how much a true number one receiver can tilt your opponent's defense. Two defenders with eyes on Adams will mean there are openings elsewhere. He's that good; if you wanted to slow down Green Bay's offense, you had to have a plan for Davante.

Enough crying over ex's, let's look at what we got. Our de facto number one receiver, Allen Lazard, is holding out for a contract extension. That's the current state of our pass-catchers; Lazard might be the worst player to ever hold out for a new contract, and he has leverage cause who else are we gonna throw to? Alien Lizard's best trait isn't even a receiving-related one; he's a phenomenal run blocker for a receiver. Perfect.

On a more positive note, it does sound like our rookie wideouts are progressing well. Christian Watson showed off his deep threat ability, and the 7th rounder, Samori Toure, has been lighting it up all minicamp. He also joins a long list of Packers receivers with cool fucking names. I know everything you hear in the offseason is fluff, but hearing fluff is better than hearing nothing.

As for Amari Rodgers, he's been saying a lot about how he's lost weight and gotten more explosive, but I haven't heard much on the production front from the Packers or reporters. Typically silence isn't a good sign during fluff season, and that has some wondering if he'll be the odd man out when the final rosters are announced later this summer.

Who's Aaron Rodgers Dating?

Now onto the important news, A-A Rod's love life. Reports came out claiming Rodgers is dating a witch-elf named Blu of Earth. Said witch-elf responded to those claims by saying, "My name is Blu, not Blue of Earth. And I do NOT identify as a witch." Thank you for clearing that up, Blu. No word on whether or not she is an elf.

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