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Green Packer fans are 'fine' with DeVante Adams Leaving

Davantae Adams hauled in 123 receptions, gained 1,553 yards, and scored 11 touchdowns in 2021, and is not going to be replaced easily in the Green Bay system.

The production will not be there for the Packers in 2022 and while it is said he won’t be missed, his production surely will.

Now, alone Adams does not make or break the Packers and Green Bay made a choice to stick with Rodgers and give him the big money.

It is a smart move for the Packers as Rodgers impact on the field is far greater than Adams, and he is much better as his position than Adams is at his position. It was smart not to let both players eat almost all the salary cap.

When looking at it from that perspective, maybe Adams won’t be missed because it allowed Green Bay to extend Rodgers. But the clear top offensive option for Rodgers was Adams, and now the receiving core looks drained.

At age 29 coming up on his ninth season, maybe Adams regresses, or he is not as explosive in Las Vegas due to the skill difference in quarterbacks. But a receiver that placed top five in receptions, yards and touchdowns is not going to be replaced, and he will be missed at least for his production.

Again, this does not sink the Packers as Rodgers is one of the best and can guide this team to the playoffs easily. In the NFC North, the Packers are almost a lock for the division crown every year, so losing Adams does not affect the playoffs for Green Bay, but there is no deep threat or explosive weapon on the depth chart.

The Packers could get a receiver in the 2022 NFL Draft and develop him into a good wideout, and maybe he even becomes like Ja’Marr Chase. Overall, Adams meant a lot to the Packers in terms of offense, and he cannot be easily replaced.