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How should pro sports approach trans athletes?

The transgender debate is a hot topic from whichever angle you approach it. People should feel free to express who they are in whatever way they choose; however, in the sports world biological sex matters a great deal, and denying this is problematic to say the least. Trans women who were born male have a huge advantage when competing with born-women in sports that require physical strength and activity.

One of the latest examples of this is the case of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas. She is today one of the top swimmers competing with women. Before transitioning, his (at the time) name was William Thomas and was ranked in the 500’s in freestyle swimming. Today she is one of the top female swimmers. In the Ivy League championship she came in at number one, a whopping seven seconds before the next swimmer to finish the race.

This isn’t a one off. Men, as a group, are physically stronger than women as a group and it is proven time and time again in competition. Of course there are women who are stronger and better athletes than men, but in professional sports when we are talking about the best and fittest, the differences between the sexes is glaring.

In soccer, the Australian women’s national team, which is ranked in the top-5 globally, lost 7-0 to 15 year old boys.The U.S’s women’s national team lost to FC Dallas’ under-15 team. Same thing has happened in Sweden and the women’s national team lost to young boys. All these women’s teams are among the best in the world; the boys’ teams… not so much. They didn’t play the youth Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United clubs where the top players essentially can play with the pro already, which happens from time to time. (Wayne Rooney was 16 when he debuted in the Premier League for Everton and Messi wasn’t much older when he joined the adult FC Barcelona.)

Men are bigger, stronger and physically more intimidating than women. In the case of the soccer teams, there is no doubt that the women, compared to the 15 year old boys, are mentally tougher, understand the game better, are better communicators and so forth; however, that doesn't matter much when their competition is a lot stronger and faster.

In no way is it meant to do anything but to highlight the difference between men and women in a professional sports setting. Most people agree that most sports should be seperated by biological sex in most instances. Everyone knows LeBron James in the WNBA wouldn’t be fair. But if James actually came out as trans and wanted to play in the women’s league, should he? Wouldn’t he still have an unfair advantage even if he now identifies a woman? Lia Thomas should live her life as she pleases, but choices in life come with consequences. Perhaps being born male is an indicator she should compete with men to keep things fair. Or maybe there should be a seperate competition for transgender atheltes?

What do you think is the best solution for this? Let us know in the comments.

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