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How should the Cowboys use Micah Parsons in 2022? | #DallasCowboys

Micah Parsons delivered one of the greatest rookie seasons ever for the Dallas Cowboys during the 2021 season. Initially drafted to act as the middle linebacker after two straight poor seasons from Leighton Vander Esch, Parsons quickly ascended and the team started to deploy him as much more than a traditional linebacker, using him as a defensive end later in the year and even getting him votes as the Defensive Player of the Year, such was his dominance.

The Cowboys' pass rush wasn't a weakness by any means last year, but Parsons' presence there was a key feature that had some fans wondering whether he would commit to defensive end full-time. With Dallas losing Randy Gregory to the Denver Broncos, it looked like a natural feature to slot Parsons at the line and let him create havoc, but perhaps that's not the best way to use him.

With Parsons, his versatility is key in the sense that you can rotate a lot of different guys based on him and you can also deploy him as a joker in your defense based on your alignments. As soon as the Cowboys start to trust second-round rookie Sam Williams more, Parsons will go back to play behind the line as well - especially because, considering how smart and athletic he is, he can disrupt the offense in a variety of ways, and pass coverage is one of those.

The best thing that Dallas can do for their defense is just let Parsons be Parsons, like in 2021. Use all his strengths and his versatility and let him change the game on a weekly basis. He's capable of doing so.